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Tournament Rules
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6th Annual Delaware River
Striper Tournament

RAIN DATE: TBD pending small craft warning

Sun-Up to 3:00 PM • Weigh in @ the WEBC Dock




INCLUDES: Refreshments  •  Food/Buffet After Weigh~in.

$$$ Prizes for 1st 2nd & 3rd Place Slot Prizes • Calcutta • Door Prize Raffles  • St Croix Rod & Penn Reel  • Cabela’s Prizes.
(Prize values vary based on the number of entries.)

REGISTRATION FEE: Register by mail, online at www.DRST.org or in person at WEBC. Registration Due 4/29/16  • Captains Meeting @ the W.E.B.C 4/29/16 @7 PM. Dinner only tickets available online.

ENTRY FEE $50.00 per person if received by 6pm April 28, 2016. $60.00 per person the day of Captain's Meeting. All entrance fees include eligibility for all prizes; includes buffet and beverages after the weigh station has closed @ 4pm. Food & beverages are available at the WEBC throughout the event. You can also register in person at the West End Boat Club, 500 West 2nd St., Essington, PA 19029, phone 610-521-4747.

ENTRY DEADLINE Entries must be received by close of Captain’s Meeting April 29, 2016.

CAPTAINS MEETING Captains Meeting will be held on Friday, April 29, 2016 at 7:00 PM at West End Boat Club. The Captain from each boat must be present and complete a release form covering all anglers on their vessel.

The tournament fishing day is Saturday April 30th. Fishing hours are from sun-up to 3:00 PM weigh in. No lines or chumming of any kind is permitted in the water previous to the starting time. Any fish hooked prior to the stop fish time of 3:00 PM may be played until boated or released. Rain date: TBD

Participants are prohibited from laying out overnight. All boats must depart on the morning of the fishing day and any boats not in compliance will be disqualified. Refer to
DRST.org for specifics. PA, DE & NJ DNR representatives will be on hand at the Captain’s Meeting to answer questions.

Fishing will be on the scheduled day and is Captain’s choice. Fishing by any one boat in the tournament on the fishing day or partial day constitutes an official tournament and prizes awarded. The event may be rescheduled due to extraordinary extreme weather or natural disaster. The decision to reschedule the tournament will be made by the Tournament Director. All participants enter this tournament at their own risk and discretion and will accept full responsibility for their own boat and crew.

It is the responsibility of the Captains and Anglers of each vessel to follow all Local, State, and Federal Recreational Fishing Regulations (No Commercial Licenses will be honored). No prizes will be awarded to any entry not in compliance with these regulations. I.G.F.A. all tackle rules apply unless otherwise noted or approved prior to fishing. This is a rod and reel event; no nets or other devices will be permitted.

All eligible slot fish must be registered and in line for weigh-in no later than 4:00PM on the scheduled fishing day. All weighable slot fish must be brought to the WEBC by boat for weigh-in. If any question arises as to the qualifications of a fish, tournament officials have the option of gutting and/or retaining the fish for judges’ inspection and future reference. Fish must be in a fresh and edible condition. Judges decision is final.

THE PRIZES – Complete Rules at DRST.org

SLOT – Heaviest combined weight of 2 legal fish per boat will be awarded 1st, 2nd & 3rd place cash prizes*. In case of a tie, respective prize $ will be combined and split in half.

CALCUTTA – add’l $20 pp to enter.  Cash prize* for longest fish. Digital photos only including official DRST marker (given out at Captain’s Meeting) must be submitted no later than 4:00PM on the scheduled fishing day.

*Prize money is based on the number of anglers registered

All communication between judges at the tournament headquarters and fishermen during fishing times will be monitored on VHF channel 68.

Important Contact Information:
West End Boat Club 610-521-4747

Tournament Director:
Lou Perti  610-299-8566

Tom Palmer 302-293-2235
Donald Clark 484-459-2663
Jim Salvey 484-576-6751
Keith Crowley 267-239-4187

Weight Masters
Jim Salvey
Donald Clark

Mike O’Keefe


  • All boats & anglers must be registered and paid in full prior to the end of the Captains Meeting on April 29, 2016. Registration fees are non-refundable.

  • The Delaware River Striper Tournament is a strong advocate of catch and release and conservation.

  • Any protests must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Director by no later than 7:00PM on Saturday, April 30, 2016. The Rules Committee at their discretion may use polygraph test on any Captain, crew member or angler to reach a decision. By virtue of your paid entry all participants agree to the final decision of the Rules Committee.

  • The tournament and its sponsors are not responsible for the conduct, personal injury, damages or negligence on the part of any participant.

  • The Tournament Committee reserves the right to inspect any boats entered into the tournament without notice.

  • Any last minute changes to the rules will be announced at the Captain’s Meeting on Friday, April 29, 2016
  • Click here for Online registration (recommended form of registration).
  • Fishing Area According to PA, DE,NJ Regulations: Delaware River navigable waters
  • Eligible Fish: Striped Bass in the Slot Tournament -  PA only 21" - 25" with a PA license required.
  • Striped Bass in the states of PA, DE & NJ in the Calcutta with valid state license - size must be above 25" if you choose to fish for striped Bass in the states of DE & NJ you only can fish in the Calcutta in those states with a current fishing license of that state. No Slot fish will be allowed from those states.
  • All fish must be caught on hook and line. IGFA all- tackle rules apply.
  • Fish in the Calcutta that are not released alive are ineligible for consideration and will not be measured.
  • Captains Meeting At the West end Boat Club 500 W 2nd st. Essington Pa on Friday, April 29th, 2016 at 7:00PM. At the Captains’ meeting you will pick up your official, current year measuring stick and identification for the tournament.
  • Weather: Participants enter the DRST Slot & Catch & Release Tournament Calcutta at their own risk and discretion. Captain and crew must decide on their own regarding each individual’s boat capabilities to fish on April 30, 2016.
  • Measure-In: Due to current state PA, DE, and NJ regulations for tournaments. In the interest of fostering the catch and release ethic, THIS IS A DRST SLOT AND CATCH & RELEASE ONLY TOURNAMENT CALCUTTA.
  • In order to have your fish judged, you must bring in a digital camera, iPhone image, Droid smartphone image, media flash card or flash drive with at least one clear and readable image of your fish measured resting on top of the official current year measuring stick.
  • You must also attest on your honor that the fish to be measured was released alive into the water from which it came.
  • The judges reserve the right to interview members of your crew and any other potential witnesses regarding the live release of any fish for consideration in the tournament.
  • Slot fish to be brought to the weigh station at the DOCKS AT THE WEBC and In the Calcutta Bring your digital image to the West End Boat Club on Saturday, April 30th by the 4pm deadline. You must be in line by the 4pm deadline to have your fish judged. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Largest fish will be determined by length only in the Calcutta competition and by weight in the Slot Tournament.
  • All fish in the Calcutta will be measured from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, with the tail pinch (slightly compressed). In case of a tie the fish measured first will be the winner.
  • You MUST take your photo with the official current year measuring stick (which will be given out at the Captains’ Meeting). Put the special current year measuring stick on the deck of your boat. Lay the fish on top of the measuring stick. Put the snout of the fish on the zero (the end of the measuring stick) and the tip of the tail on the higher number and pinch the tail (slightly compress) to obtain an accurate measurement . You are responsible for getting the snout of the fish exactly on the zero end of the measuring stick. It helps to place the measuring stick against a vertical surface such as a bulkhead or the side of the cockpit to ensure that the zero mark (end of the stick) and the snout of the fish are even.
  • If fish longer than the 48-inch official current year measuring stick are caught and measured, the angler who presents a photo of a 48+ inch fish to the judges first will be declared the winner. The next fish over 48 inches will be declared second and so on.
  • It is helpful in the judging process to have several photos of your fish and the measuring stick, clearly showing the length. This is especially helpful for a fish that is longer than the stick.
  • Digital images that fail to clearly show the length of the fish, with the official current year measuring stick, will be disallowed.
  • Fishing Hours: Legal fishing begins at sun up to 3 pm on Saturday, April 30th 2016. You must be in line at the DRST Slot and Catch & Release Tournament Judging Station next to the Deck of the West End Boat Club by 4pm to have your fish entered for judging in the Calcutta or the Slot Tournament.
  • Line: All types of line may be used in the catch & release tournament.
  • Bait: Follow current state rules and regulations of the state you are fishing in.
  • Safety: All participants and guests of participants are responsible for their own personal safety and the security of their personal property and expressly assume any and all risks to their personal safety and well being as a result of their participation in the DRST Slot and Catch & Release Tournament Calcutta. It is a pre-condition of participation in the Delaware River Striper Tournament (www.DRST.org) that all participants shall release and hold harmless and any sponsors from any and all claims, losses, costs and expenses, personal injuries, wrongful deaths and property damage, whatsoever, arising from or during participation in the DRST Slot and Catch & Release Fishing Tournament Calcutta. By electing to participate in the DRST Slot and Catch & Release Fishing Tournament Calcutta, all participants agree to, and grant this release of liability and shall not be permitted to withdraw or disavow that release of liability.
  • Location and Time of Measure-In, Awards Ceremony and Gala: Will be held on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at the West End Boat Club, 500 W. 2nd St., Essington, Pa. Food and beverages for all participants from 4:00-7:30pm, open bar for 1 hour beer only, cash bar there after and food for guests. Band plays until 8:00pm ???
  • 1st Prize for Longest fish. 50% of Calcutta $$$ collected.
  • Additional prize for the Longest fish caught by a registered angler under the age of 16.


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